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  • Tonghua Pesticide Chemical Stock Co., Ltd.
    Hot Products: Diflubenzuron   Bordered crude drug
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    Crude Drug series 
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    seed treatment dry powder series 
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    health insecticide series 

    1965, we established the largest pesticide factory in northeast part of China
    1984, we established domestic the first carbamide pesticide production base
    1998, we transformed to stock company
    1999, we are evaluated high-technology enterprise by Jilin Science Commission
    2000, we obtained import and export right
    2001, we passed ISO9001: 2000 International Quality Management System Authentication
    2002, we obtained ISO14001: 1996 International Environment Quality System Authentication
    2003, we are evaluated National High-technology Enterprise by National Science and Technology Department
    2004, we are chosen as the key development project
    2007, we are evaluated credit enterprise by Jilin Industrial and Commercial Bureau

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