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  • Tonghua Pesticide Chemical Stock Co., Ltd.
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    Tonghua Pesticide Chemical Stock Co., Ltd., registered in March, 1999, was transformed from a state enterprise to modern private enterprise in 2006. The company is located in the south part of Tonghua with the registered capital of 22.24 million yuan and the total asset of 54.95 million yuan, including 28.29 million yuan fixed assets. The company has an area of 42,000 sqm and 108 employees, including 18 technicians.

    The company mainly produces benzoylureas pesticide and its mixture and we are the earliest researcher and manufacturer of benzoylureas pesticide in domestic market with its production capacity and technology in advanced position. The fist product brands mainly have chlorbenzuron raw material drug and triflumuron raw material drug, and we have passed formally pesticide registration. The fist products have 20% and 25% chlorbenzuron suspending agent, 5%, 20% and 40% triflumuron suspending agent and mixtures. We also produce corn field herbicide, seed coating, etc. Carbamide products are mainly used to prevent apple leaf miner, phyllocnistis citrella, pine caterpillar, cabbage caterpillar, etc. Because of characteristics of high-efficiency, low-toxicity, low-residual and well environment compatibility, it is welcomed by plant protection experts and peasants, meanwhile, it is in accordance with national policy, so its market share is gradually increased.

    Under great support of pesticide management departments, we have gained obvious economic and social benefit. In 2008, we achieved 25.58 million yuan turnover, 570,000 yuan tax and 13,100 profits. The company was evaluated National and Jilin Province high-technology enterprise, and two raw material drugs obtained Jilin Technology Progress Award and many provincial excellent new-product awards. In 2002, we passed the International Environment and Quality Management System Authentication. The company will continue to devote to the manufacture of pollution-free pesticide and the service of green agriculture.

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